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Catching More...From Shore

By Kevin Braun

Locating Likely Spots:

Talking with Locals. I can’t over emphasize the value of talking to with locals about what spots produce consistently. Information from local fisherman has lead me to my very best spots and these locations have provided my biggest catches in both weight and numbers of fish. It’s truly amazing that a fisherman will share this kind of information when you stop to think about how few and far between these kinds of places can be. I attribute this kind of generosity to a healthy mix of genuine camaraderie along with the less noble inherent need to brag that plagues most fishermen. I found the spot featured in this article while fishing one morning from the main public access to this same lake. I have been fishing this lake for years without any real success and this particular morning was no exception.

A truck pulled up and an older guy who looked like he just rolled out of bed, leaned out his window to ask how my luck was. I told him that I hadn’t gotten anything yet and in an attempt to protect my pride I added that I had “only just gotten there”…Thus implying that with a little more time I would have gotten a bunch of them. This wasn’t true and I knew it. The fact that I knew I wasn’t going to catch any was probably what lead me to ask if he had any tips for the spot... Read more.

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